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- Harmonia do Banho, was created in March 2004, and its main objective, occupy a space in the world of decorating and creating bathrooms that did not exist in our city, Leiria. Once created, the aim was to make it grow steadily and expand its range throughout the Portuguese territory.

In 2008, the financial crisis that hit much of the economic markets, with consequences that are still very present, led to Harmonia do Banho to rethink their strategy, in order to continue developing the project without compromising its viability. The option has the creation of its own brand, with three very clear objectives:

First aim, maintain viability of the project Harmonia do Banho. Products that worked were of exceptional quality and design, much of Italian origin, or that are not reflected elevated its custo, taking into account the market that were inserted;

A second aim was to manage to bring products with design for all types of customers and destinations, for affordable values;

Last aim, that this design was Portuguese.

Now, all these objectives have been achieved with the creation of HB Design®, Bath Harmony's own brand what, either by the boldness of his designer and his team, either by the obstinacy of always wanting more, It has managed to develop undisputed design products and exceptional quality, all Made in Portugal.

The Team HB Design® wait, for all this, always live up to the demands of the market and, mainly, up to the requirement of its customers, as in 2008, continue to maintain confidence in the quality of our products and services.